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Welcome To Boy's Own


Some 30 years young… a tale of amazing parties, stunning records, football, and strong looks. Boy’s Own started during the last time Britain was ruled by a woman prime minister.

Since the digital arena has not passed us by, and most of us have smartphones with one notable exception, we thought we should have a go at this Interweb thing. So, please expect over the coming months poorly written articles, musings on the state of Donald Trump’s combover, and actually some superbly written articles by people who went to proper universities and art schools.

Please don’t misunderstand us; we do have day jobs and postings might be infrequent. If you’re into social media you can find out when any new stuff is up by looking at our Facebook. Or put yourself down for the newsletter in the box down at the bottom of the page. We have a new Instagram too if that’s your thing.

Also we’ll be selling various articles of clothing… and, if it all goes especially well, some cheap luggage. There’s a few bits now in the ‘Gear’ section. Think about the loved ones at Christmas.


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Shall We Print the Book Again?

We’re mulling over a second, celebratory printing of Boy’s Own – The Complete Fanzines 1986-92

Copies of the first printing regularly change hands for hundreds of pounds via Ebay.

If you’d be interested in a copy, please let us know via If we get enough love for the reprint, we’ll set the wheels in motion.