Daniel Wang’s End of Party Song Selections

A brief personal overview…


Larry Levan and Tee Scott play Love Is The Message.
Everyone is happy.

Frankie Knuckles plays Rock With You and Give Me The Night. Everyone is still happy.

François K and Danny Krivit play Lust (by Rinder & Lewis) and Pleasure Principle (Parlet). The 20 people in the room with me are happy while the other 2000 faggots in NYC are twirling to X by Junior Vasquez somewhere. God help them.

Some Perlon release at Panorama Bar. Vague disappointment. A blur.

Young Marco plays Last Christmas. Social media explodes with discussions of whether this is appropriate or even acceptable and why did he not play Club Tropicana or Fast Love instead? 

The Black Madonna plays an old Motown tune which results in 350,000 clicks in a single day, hate mail for her cellulite and her missing Y-chromosome ("Was the booking office even made aware of this genetic anomaly?"), pogroms, rants about cultural appropriation and lots of defensive fan love for various more noble reasons.

Paris Hilton headlines at Coachella. She chooses John Cage’s 4'33 as her final tune, calling it "A really cool take on mindfulness, which my yoga instructor got me into doing last week!" The heavily intoxicated and disgruntled crowd pushes the stage over, nearly killing the hotel heiress. Riot cops and eventually armed forces are called in.

Social media explodes once again. Links reveal incriminating financial ties between Kim Jong-Un and the ailing Hilton empire. Trump, aiming for re-election, seizes the chance to create a new hotel monopoly extending from the USA West Coast out to the rave islands of Southeast Asia. He presses THE BUTTON. WW3 begins!

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