The UK Top 40 charts from next week to include YouTube hits. You know, those hits you can buy on a South American website for £300 per million.

Darius & The Deconstruction Of The Weird Black Dude. 

Are you really a DJ if don’t wear sunglasses and your hood up on the plane to Ibiza?

Wilson and Anthony Bourdain in the same week 

Agents who won’t answer even answer emails from the promoters they were pleading with on their DJ’s way up 

Stardust @ Shindig festival. Intense love

Alan Hansen – "No, I didn't say 'kids'."

Diego two watches 

Shelving Berocca 

Creatures outdoor parties. Full Mad Max with a low dodger count 

Dogs so big you wonder why the owners ain't riding them 

Stick up kids

DJs using the  booth as a social media ‘next gig' opportunity 

Dior Homme SS19 –  Kim Jones' love letter to timeless luxury

Hearing THAT Coltrane discovery on Gilles' show for the first time 

BoJo failing to protect his local voters.  Standard

Thug Realness  at the Dorien Corey Ball 


Panto season is back in the heavyweight division 

Arthurs Landing - Love Dancing (surely record of the summer )

Japan’s World Cup shirt pissing allover Nigeria's bad hipster one 

Pharma Bro – still at it 

Why did the Novichok run out when Robbie Williams turned up

When your Google pebble starts chatting to the TV - proper Westworld shit 

Smiley not snide 2018 

Roy Keane – the bloke who corners you at the bar while you're coming up and talks about his dad's cancer

FB Snides throwing out fishing bait to attract wrong un’s 

Salah’s ‘Injury ‘ 

‘Labour Live turnout' – this year's version of ‘Its all gone Pete Tong ‘ 

Clutch Cafe giving Son of a Stag a run for its Yen 

Crowds using those big house/techno events as nothing more than social media opportunities 

Great pals - old and new 

Pillow Heat in Clapton

House of Miyake and Mugler 

Teddy Perkins 


Austin Auto on Me Me Me 

Everybody's  young un’s doing so well. Graft pays off.

That version of Paint it Black in Akane no Mai   

November mid-terms - ‘Make America Sane Again ‘ 

Eddie Marsan a true  Twitter Don

Still getting excited when Andrew texts he’s ‘digging your new record ‘ 

Sun Surf X Snoopy collab

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 

Tatts and beards so ovah 

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